Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grow some Balls

At my job, people fit into distinct categories. There are those that know what they're doing and do their job well, those that don't hurt anything, but every once in a while, stumble into doing well, and management. It's hard to imagine working for a company where the management are too stupid to even be mediocre managers, but with the high school antics that go on there, nothing surprises me anymore.

I know, everyone hates their boss. I don't. My boss is okay. It's the other people's bosses that annoy me. My only problem with my boss is that she won't stand up for herself or her employees. If she would, I'm sure she'd do fine.

I don't say this because she's female, but I really wish she would just grow some balls and start leading, like we pay her to.

-The Chief.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

It's never been a problem before.

Traditionally, The Chief is kind of a wandering spirit. I don't like to stay in one place to long, at least when it comes to work. Call it a dislike of becomming friendly with people, or call it a reluctance to join their little reindeer games, or call it me just being an A-hole, but I just don't like to be there long enough that people start getting used to me being there.

In the past, this was never a problem because I would usually get out of there sometime around my second year. Just long enough to not look terrible on a resume, but not long enough to have conversations that start with, "Do you remember when so-and-so used to work here?"

It's never been a problem, but now I'm facing a lot of coworkers asking if I remember when so-and-so worked here and when whathisname worked there and that one party when that one guy did that one thing that got everyone laughing. The problem is, there's not a whole lot of excuses for me to leave. I mean, I hate my job, (who doesn't) but I'm kind of a celebrity there, and I don't know that I can start all over again somewhere else and get back there in enough time to make my grand egress.

Maybe I'll just hang out for a while and see what happens. Who knows, maybe this will be the place that finally gets under my skin. All I know is that I better start liking the place a hell of a lot more before I spend one more year there.

-The Chief.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Getting to Know the Other Side

As part of my job, I have to travel to different areas throughout Southern California. None of these areas are particularly far away, but they couldn't be more different socially. There is a little town, Pico Rivera, where the population is almost totally of mexican heritage, and a good percentage of the people who live there do so illegally. To me, it's very hard to imagine an existence where one has to hide in plain sight for any reason. A friend of mine told me that to them, they weren't breaking the law, and they didn't understand how we saw it that way. Since I was going to be working in Pico Rivera anyways, I decided I would try to understand the plight of the migrant worker.

After speaking with a few of them, I didn't get the idea that they didn't understand that they were breaking the law, it was more like they were breaking the law and flipping the Finger at the same time. Many made comments about how you can't steal what is already yours, or that this country invaded Mexico, and a host of others. I decided to do a little more objective research.

As you may assume, I listen to more conservative radio than liberal, (although I do have both programmed in my car, and I do listen to both). I do so mainly because the conservative talk station is local and the liberal one is based out of, and more concerned with New York and the east coast. But for the purposes of getting to know the other side, I decided to start my search on the Internet. Not knowing exactly what to look for, I sorted through many websites that had a lot of the same rhetoric. One theme that kept coming up was M.E.Ch.A and Aztlan.

Intrigued, I started looking into these two groups. I found that Aztlan (a mythical place to all accounts) is either a mythical island wher the Aztec people were born, or 9 western states lost to the United States. I also found that M.E.Ch.A (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) which I always believed was a hispanic service group advocates the take over of these states by La Raza (the race, or the people).

I'm glad I got to know the other side. Now I know these groups to be as bad as Arian Nation, or any neo-nazi group I've ever heard of. What I don't understand, is how our government is pandering to this group of hooligans, criminals, and racists, and why they are perpetuating the slave trade coming from the south.

I'm so glad I decided to get my facts straight about this. Now I feel SOO much better.

-The Chief

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another Brick in the Wall

There are so many good people out there, doing the work that our government should be doing, and they are doing it without thanks, without recognition, without any kind of indication that what they are doing is making a difference to anyone. I would like to thank them individually, but there aren't proper words to say. I would like to help in some way, but I can't offer much more than support, praise, and dedication to their cause.

So, To all those who are fighting the good fight:

Thank You!
I'd also like to take this time to offer anyone else who wants to help the cause as well. I will be selling those bracelet things (I know they're so last year), in green with the word "enforcement" embossed on them with profits going to the Minuteman Project to help give them support to continue doing what they are doing. I don't have a price point yet, but if you are interested in having me contact you, leave a comment with an email where I can contact you (no junk or spam) to let you know what the final price will be and to find out how many you want to order.
I encourage anyone who is tired of having to suffer the invasion from the south, and the complicity of our elected officials to get some of these bracelets. I know I will be giving them to family members and friends so they can also show their support for the cause. It is my hope that together, we can help our friends watching the border buy some supplies, extra advertising, or whatever else they need to fight this most important battle.
Thank You
-The Chief

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If you build it, they won't come

A test for Congress
(You can take it too and see how you score)

1. If you want to keep someone off the grounds of your mansion, do you:

A) Invite a bunch of people over in the hopes that they won't just set up camp?

B) Give them Keys knowing that if they have keys, they won't be tempted to come in?

C) Build a fence?

2. In an effort to protect America and her defense mechanisms, the military does what to military bases around the world?

A) Give guided tours to anybody who walks in the front door?

B) Put a sign that says, "There's nothing to see here, so move along?" on the perimeter?

C) Build a fence?

3. What is the one thing that Congress is completely unwilling to do to protect America from the oncoming invasion from the south?

A) Surrender under pressure from foreign governments?

B) Subsidize a corrupt government by offering amnesty to tens of millions of invaders who will then send tens of millions of dollars to the corrupt government rather than pay for services they get free here?

C) Build a fence

The answers will come up on a later posting.

Howard Dean must love George Bush right about now. I don't think one man has done more to increase the democrats in such a short time. The modern slaveholders are speaking, and our government is listening. Unless the House of Representatives steps up to the plate, we will have an amnesty bill passed soon. At that point, we will officially become the most powerful third-world nation on the planet. Yay. I can't wait to write my mother. She'll be so pleased.

-The Chief

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Will the Racists in America Please sit down?

As our racist president shows up everywhere talking about how we need a comprehensive immigration package (read: Amnesty for anyone who wants it), and several of our racist senators vote down a bill that had provisions in it which would dgo a long way to help stave off the invasion, I had to think about why I do what I do. I mean, it would be so much easier just to give up and never look back, several of our political representatives have. I get called a racist at least once a week, and I just laugh it off. But then I realized just how much I hated racism, and that I was done laughing.

Look, we all know that Mexico's government is corrupt. We know that the wealthy exploit the poor and do so openly and unapologetically. We know that several people come here each year because they are tired of being poor, and they feel that the best way to get out of poverty is to come to America. But the corruption has been there so long, that the people have taken it inside themselves without even knowing it. When they get here, they take some innocent's identity, work hard, pay almost nothing back to the system, because they have been taught for years to fear the system, and don't want to strengthen it if they can avoid it, and save as much money as they can while still sending some back home for the family left behind.

Fast-forward 20 years. This same invader now has amnesty from the government, and can now demand higher wages from his employer. They can buy a car, a house, and have several crumb-crunching, baby citizens! They have made it. They are no longer the 'poor' that they were back in Mexico. But their yard at home needs some trimming, and their dishes need to get done, and their home is a mess. They prudently decide to hire some domestic help, in the form of nannys, gardeners, cleaning ladies, and the like. But after putting several ads in the newspaper, they find that Americans want too much money to clean up after them. So, now that they are rich, they hire a fresh crop of illegal invaders to do the work for a dollar per day! Now, they are the corrupt wealthy.

They have just bought a whole new generation of slaves, and we all thought he was great for doing something for his life....

But wait, there's more!

Democrats, and some Republicans, decry that we have to do something, because these people do work that Americans won't! and if you stand up and say that something is wrong, you are a hate-mongering, racist! How dare you stand in the way of what the Senate wansts to spend half a day's work on! Reality check boys and girls: We are the country of TV shows like Fear Factor! We are the country that puts the lie to your ignorance. We will do anything if the price is right! What we won't do, is go back to a time where people were less than people in the eyes of the law. We won't allow the reinstitution of generation upon generation of slavery that the right Senators Kennedy and Mc Cain seem to want! And shame on George Bush, Vicente Fox, Ted Kennedy, and all the other racists who say that the mexican people should be relegated to jobs that we are too good to do for ourselves!

These are the truce racists. These are the people who hate America, Mexico, and anyone else that doesn't agree with them.

The truth is, we need to seal the southern border, but only to clear 20 million potential victims of the race hatred of the mexicans currently working for slave wages, doing slave labor. We need to put business men in prison for hiring people that they know don't belong here. We need to force Mexico's government to take care of it's people. Once that is done, if anybody still wants to come, welcome, and bienvenidos.

So, the next time someone calls me a racist for trying to follow the law and protect people from having their actual rights stomped on, I know how I'll respond. Instead of laughing them off, I will show them how pathetic I think they are for holding such racist views!

Thank You

-The Cheif

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Who speaks for us?

Yesterday, millions celebrated a holiday here in America that is not celebrated in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo. This is the celebration of the battle of Puebla where the Mexican forces defeated the French. Let me restate the imported part of that

-- Mexico does not celebrate Cinco de Mayo!--

I was at work yesterday, in a predominantly Mexican area, and I had the opportunity to ask several Mexicans what was the big deal of the holiday. Out of at least a hundred asked, only three, all of whom were third generation or later here in the country, knew the answer. The others gave several other, possibly more interesting, but definitely more telling answers.

"We're celebrating coming to America."

"We're celebrating becoming a country."

"We're celebrating La Raza (The Race, referring to the Mexican race)"

"It's party time. Who cares why?"

The list goes on, and on, but most answers are simply variations of the above. If it wasn't so funny, it would have been very sad to see a group of people who don't know enough about their own people, and don't want to know about the way of life of the people they are taking over.

To celebrate the 'holiday', I wore an American Flag pin on my collar. I admit I did this to anger someone, but it backfired. Nobody was angry, and a few people sounded really happy, and proud that I did it. Two conversations really made an impact on me about what it is that I, and others like me, are really trying to do. In the first conversation, an older woman with a very deep accent thanked me for wearing the pin. She said that we are here, and she believed that that was what matters. She shared how she came here long ago, and was subject to vicious racial prejudice. She told me how she worked long hours for little money with her husband who did the same. She started tearing up a little when she spoke of her husband, dead for more than twenty years. She talked about the pride she had when she could finally become a citizen, and of the pride when her first son joined the Marines, only to die in the Viet Nam war. She was proud that her son could die a hero. Finally, she spoke of how much the illegal aliens have destroyed what America is to her. She came here legally, with the hopes that her children would never have to go through what she went through. Now, she sees her grandchildren leaving school and fighting so more parents, children, and grandchildren could go through the same pain. She told me that she was glad that her family had the freedom to do whatever they wanted, but she was upset that they were working to deny the same freedom for many Mexicans who want a better job. She said that, as long as there were people who didn't respect the law, and come here legally, there would always be brown slaves who would never know a better life.

The other conversation was from a Veterano. This guy was about fifty or sixty years old, and he was a cholo, (Mexican street gang member). He was joking, but what he said made more sense than all the rhetoric I've heard from the pro-illegal side. He said he wished people would shut up and leave well enough alone. Right now, he said, his people get free medical, free welfare, and other benefits. Once they become legal, they would have to pay for all that stuff like everyone else. He winked at me, and told me he was proud to be an American too. He showed me one of his tatoos of an American Flag. He said he had the Mexican flag covered over with it when he joined the Army.

Those are the people I fight for, and I hope that more will fight for them too.

-The Chief

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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Battle Continues

According to some illegal sympathizers, there were a gazillion protesters in the streets of Los Angeles and around the country who were protesting their rights to ignore the law, and invade this country. I'm not sure how many there were, but I do know that my commute to work was much quicker this Monday, and I heard nothing but good things from all of my friends.

Today, however, is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of Mexican Independence. That is almost as funny as saying America is a democracy! Mexico might have been independent for a time, but the truth is, they are completely dependent on the USA. El Presidente and our counterpart have come up with a plot to make the mexican economy grow. I've seen the plan, and it will totally work. If you send all of your poor out of a country, but hold back some family members, you will see a marked decline in the amount of poor people you have left, and you will continue to reap the benefits of residual income as they send money to their poor family back home. It doesn't really matter what happens to the country you send them back to, as long as you send them out.

Today, I will be showing my support for America, and all it has done for me and my family, and I encourage you to do the same.

-The Chief

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Declaration of War

Friends, tomorrow is May 1st, and there will be a showing of force from our enemies from the South! Tomorrow's event, ironically titled the 'Great American Boycott of 2006', is a showing of force by our captors.

I understand that we have a Constitutional right to assemble peacefully, and that we are Constitutionally guaranteed the right to freedom of speech, what I don't understand is why the insurgents are usurping OUR rights and why we aren't doing anything to stop them.

This is by far the most open declaration of war that I have ever seen in my life! But it get's worse. They have invaded our country, destroyed our economy, ignored our laws, desicrated our national symbols, convinced our politicians that they are in the right for doing so, and all of these things are somewhat understandable. The final straw, however, is not! They have declared that the United States of America is no more. And as such, it does not have it's own national anthem. Being the benevolent dictators that they would like us to believe they are, they have fixed the problem by writing a new anthem; Nuestro Hymno (Our Anthem)!

They have taken one of our most sacred symbols, and destroyed it in favor of one more of their liking! This, people cannot be allowed. The time has come for us to strike back and strike hard.

Tomorrow, they are planning to boycot American products. Fine. I say we withhold American products from them. For every day they choose not to work to protest superior rights for lawbreakers, lock them out for an equal amount of time, without pay. For each child that does not go to school, withhold your children from school as well. Schools are paid based on the attendance, and since our government had decided that they are going to lay down and accept our fate, deprive them of their money. Anything you can think of to show that we aren't ready to accept defeat yet, we must do.

There are several other sites that have great ideas that should be followed as well, and I encourage looking at those as well. We must unite against the onslaught of this foreign invader.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

As the day approaches

The day is comming where those who wish to end all pretense of being a country based on law will have that wish fulfilled. We just don't have enough people that really care about what is good and right in this country to do anything about it. We true Americans are too few and to quiet to make a difference. I'd like to pay tribute to a few of those who keep up the good fight, and hopefully someone will read this and will be motivated to pick up where they left off.

Thank you, Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist. Thank you, John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou. Thank you, James Sensenbrenner and Tom Tancredo. You all are a beam of light in these dark, troubled times. Without your guidance, I wouldn't even know that I could fight the invasion that my government has allowed to happen.

-The Chief

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The invasion continues

Today on TV, I saw several Spanish language commercials on regular AMERICAN TV.

Why am I surprised? Our country has often been modeled after our European neighbor, France, and we all know how the French react to foreign invaders.

Sometimes, I feel like resistance truly is futile. I think that maybe I would be better off capitulation to the throng of lawlessness that our leaders are courting. But then, I see things that makes me even more steadfast.

I love this country. I know it has problems. The government needs some work, the people are apathetic, and our President needs some serious image modification. Despite all of that, I see people who are passionate about their beliefs. I see people who believe so strongly in what they stand for, and it inspires me.

I am inspired anew now, because I have seen the future in our children. I see kids who don't know what love of country means, and I see that in the future, they will not even know what the word country stands for. They learn from their schools that if you break the rules blatantly enough, and if you are bold enough to continue to do it, then the rules need changing. In short, they are losing any sense of honor.

I appeal to all the parents who may stumble upon this unknown blog: Whatever your beliefs on immigration reform, don't let your children ever forget what pride in their country can mean. Have them stand when they see a flag, knowing that they aren't standing for the flag, but for those who have given their lives in order that we don't have to give our own. Have them say the Pledge of Allegiance, not to the flag, but to the country that allows them to piss all over it. Have them protest, and win, and protest, and lose, and above all have them learn and grow.

Because if you do that-- If you remember to keep sacred the things that we are all fighting for, then we have won. We have a set of standards that they don't wish to aspire to. We have an inner strength that is more powerful than a few criminals who can waive flags and chant in foreign languages. We are AMERICAN, and that is something that becomes more and more important, the closer we come to losing what that means.

And if you are an immigrant, you are more important than those who have lived here their whole lives. Believe me when I say that I understand the sacrifice that must be made in order to leave one country that has been home to come to another where there is only the promise of a better life. But that doesn't mean that you should take advantage of the system. If you are here illegally, and you love America, go back! Go back and try to get here legally. Not for yourself, but so you can look your children in the eyes and be proud that you followed the rules, worked hard, struggled, and met your goals. Do it so your children's children will have a better life than what you had, Do it so someday, your children will be able to be in positions where true reform can come about.

I'm afraid for our children, but also a little hopeful. We have one final gift to give them, and I pray that we are all up to the task. That gift is a love for our home, a love of our country, and a love for the law. Though they deserve so much more, this is all we have left to give.

Thank you,
-The Chief

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rally for May 1st!!

On May 1st, 2006, there will be a large conglomeration of illegal aliens who will be proving all the negative stereotypes by not working, not going to school, not participating in the American economy. Some people look at this as a huge negative thing. I personally look at this as a hugely positive thing.

A. I will get to work and home again that much quicker because the roads won't be overloaded with people who don't know the rules of the road

B. I will be able to go shopping without having to avoid a throng of ill-mannered childeren who don't understand english enough to get out of my way.

C. My friends in school will be able to have a day where they will experience the education system as it was meant to be.

D. If I get hurt, I will not have to wait for days behind a family with no insurance no english skills and the flu.

I'm so looking forward to May 1st. I hope we get to do this every year when we get taken over by the mother country.

-The Chief.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

We will not flag or fail...,

Antonio Villaraygoza, Fabian Nunez, Lucille Royball-Allard, George Bush.

What do these people have in common? They are all spies working for the invading forces of Mexico into the United States. All of these people have made statements or have joined in on the protests to legalize the illegal. America is a dead country when these are our representatives, and nobody is attending the wake.

People, we are losing the war, and we are losing because nobody is willing to stand up and fight for what is right. If we heard of a group of people who were robbing banks because in their culture that was how they had to survive, we would arrest them and lock them away forever, but we have a group of people who are robbing governments, and we are supposed to feel sorry for them.

This is not about immigration, so Piolin, el Cucuy, shut up! Dr. Demento has as much right to rally us as you do, and notice how he just does his job! We all love immigrants, and what they have done for this country over the past couple of centuries. This is not about Mexico. We all love to go on vacation to that beautiful country filled with a rich, fascinating, history. This is not about gardeners, cleaning people, or agriculture workers. We all know the benefits they give to us. This is plainly and simply about those who wantonly disregard the laws of the land where they wish to live. Lawbreakers need to be punished, not rewarded, but government officials on both sides of the political spectrum lack the testicular fortitude to do what is needed.

The Chief is calling on all those who love this country, and what it means to live here, to stand up. Immigrants, stand up! Mexicans, stand up! This is your future. The world is looking to see what you will do. Do not allow those with no respect for law and order dictate the rules of the game.

What can we do?

  1. Deluge all levels of government with phone calls, email, letters, posters, smoke signals, whatever it takes, letting them know that these criminals do not speak for America, and we won't let them try.
  2. Make us the top story in the news.
  3. Locally, stage protests against illegal activity. Note I didn't say counter-protests. There is no legitimacy in what illegal aliens have been doing in our streets.
  4. Hit them back where it hurts. Find out who hires illegal workers, and boycott their products and services.
  5. Contact the management of any company that allows the hiring of illegals and voice your anger. Stop patronizing their companies until they change their practices of rewarding criminal activity.
  6. Contact your financial institution! Some institutions allow criminals to open accounts, apply for loans, and use the services, which costs you money! Tell the management of any company that allows the illegal and bogus Consular Matricular card that you will pull your money out of their institution until this practice is stopped.
  7. Along the same track as #6; Do not believe that Credit Unions are not guilty of this as well. In fact, they are MORE LIKELY TO ALLOW THE USAGE OF THESE BOGUS 'ID' CARDS!
  8. Whenever you see illegal alien 'day-laborers', call the local police. Get the name of the person who answers the phone and if they are not cooperative, file a complaint against them for dereliction of duty. If the next person above won't do anything, keep moving up the ladder, filing complaints until you get to the mayor, governor, president, whomever. Also, call the local office of Immigration and Customs enforcement and do the same thing. Remember, these people all work for you. You pay your taxes and follow the rules.
  9. Let your voice be heard. Call the media and let them know that this is an important issue.
  10. Whenever you hear of a supposed 'immigrant reform protest', refer to #8.
  11. When they stage boycotts or days when they don't work or participate in the local economy, understand, this is the natural state of affairs, and make sure you buy extra if you can on these days.
  12. If you are a manager of anyone who feels the need to support this illegal invasion, and they miss work to protest, punish them to the fullest for abandoning their work position. Most people in California are on what's known as 'at will employment'. This means they can be terminated at any time with or without reason. Just make sure you stick to the facts. They missed work when they were needed. It's not about their beliefs at all, it's about work. You have a business to run.
  13. Fire any illegal workers that may be working for you. Fire them and report them to ICE.
  14. Catholics, do whatever you can to have Cardinal Mahoney removed from his post. Not only is he a protector of pedofiles, but he is now trying to abuse the power of his station by preaching to his congregation to also ignore the laws of this land. If HE doesn't like the laws, he can go back to the home office and leave us in peace. As the Lord said, "I leave you peace, my peace I leave you. Go forth and follow the ways of God." God also had some problems with a bunch of people all getting together and ignoring laws. (See story about the tower of Babel)

We will not go gently into this dark night! What started as something that we could turn a blind eye to, has now turned into a full scale assault against our country from a foreign invader. The time has come for us to either defend our homeland, or submit. The Chief will never submit to the rule of foreign invaders, and I hope you won't either.

-The Chief

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Jobs nobody wants

The Chief doesn't like children much. That doesn't surprise anybody who knows The Chief, but it has to be said.

I hear every day how illegal aliens take jobs that no American citizen wants. Okay, I'm fine with that. I don't know a whole lot of American citizens that want to work if there is a way to avoid it. But I digress...,

I look around and see jobs done by illegal aliens that I wouldn't do, and I wonder, "Who would do these jobs if there were no illegals to do them for me?" I look at who's doing what, and I see kids skating by my house with nothing to do. That's when the answer hits me. "Kids! Kids will do the jobs that adults don't want to do!"

This makes perfect sense. Except for the very wealthiest of us, the reason why we adults don't want to do some of these jobs is because we already have done them. We've done our time in the trenches, and now it is time to pass the torch to the next generation. But that's not what we do. Instead of passing the torch to the next generation, we pass it on to the next invasion.

This hurts all of us in ways that we aren't even seeing yet. What happens when our kids grow older and need to get a job to pay for their own life? They don't have the necessary tools to work, and therefore they are less marketable than say-- someone from another country. Now our kids are getting out of college, and they can't find a job, because one thing college doesn't teach is how to have a job.

So our kids are wasting our money (ahem) on school that doesn't prepare them to have a job in the future. And when they apply for a job, they are out bid and out classed by kids from other countries who have an ingrained work ethic that is untouchable by anyone in this country.

Stay with me here, now our kids have to stay at home longer and live off us, wasting more of our money (AHEM!!) and they are putting less money towards the Social Security system, so when WE retire, our fund is gone, not to mention theirs when they have to wait until they are 118 to retire and collect whatever is left.

Okay, so I don't like kids. I think I like them a lot more if they are working and putting in to the system that will allow me to eventually retire. I like them a lot more than those who cheat the system and cost me even more money (AHEM!!) to pay for their free pass on breaking the law.

Actually, kids aren't that bad.
At least they are here legally.

-The Chief

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Concerns on illegal immigration

Most people don't know that The Chief is Hispanic. Well, Hispanic in the sense that he comes from an area near Spain. The other day, I was talking with a friend of mine about this whole illegal immigration matter. He is of the belief that these people are here now, and we might as well make them legal so we can all get on with our lives. Obviously, I am not in agreement with him on this matter. He then laid the bombshell that his family came here illegally. I was a little skeptical of this, especially because he is black, but I left it alone. I did ask him one question: "What happens to all of the immigrants that are here now, doing crappy jobs and getting crappy pay, when a younger crop move in who will do the same job for LESS money?"

When he answers me, I'll let you know.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Viva La Revolucion!

I heard the perfect idea to solve our illegal immigration problem--. Let's all take Mexico over.

There is plenty of undeveloped beach front property for dirt cheap that some middle class workers here could easily take over. We could even maintain our Americanism by continuing to shop in the states. Sure we'd have to bribe a few local politicians over there, but we wouldn't have to pay as much as we do now, and we wouldn't have to pay for them to live here anymore.

Any takers?

Oh wait, they might have a fit if we did that. Not a bad idea though.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It makes so much sense, it doesn't need to be longer

Article 123 of Mexico's population law states that "foreigners illegally entering the country will be subject to punishment of up to two years in prison" and fines of up to $28,220.

What a great idea-- Maybe we should look at doing the same thing here.

-The Chief

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Fifty Thousand Students are Revolting

As I try very hard to ignore the obvious joke in the title, ("Revolting? They're down right disgusting!") I have to admit that it's not that much of a joke after all. Today, Fifty Thousand or more students from Los Angeles schools ditched class to "protest" passage of an immigration bill through the House of Representatives.

Let's be honest here, they weren't protesting, they were cutting class because they don't want to go to school. It isn't so long ago that I was a young lad who didn't like going to class either. The difference with me is that my parents put a very high value on going to school, and I put a very high value on not getting by butt kicked. My parents would tell me that if I wanted to affect change, I had to go to school, make something of myself, and when I had done so, THEN people would care about my opinions. These kids come from a culture that doesn't put a value on going to school. Going to school takes people away from being able to work, and thereby from making money to live and eat.

That's what the real problem is: We are dealing with a different culture. If you listen to any of the news broadcasts, each one has the requisite sound-bite of some teen making stuff up.

"They want to kick out all the immigrants."
"They want to arrest my parents."
"We clean their damned houses, what more do they want?"
"They want to make immigration illegal."
"They want to kick us all out."
"We pay our taxes."

The list goes on and on, but nobody seems to catch on to the truth of the matter. Nobody wants to accept the fact that there is a right way and a wrong way. The mayor of Los Angeles stood out in front of a large group of people and said he sympathized with their feelings. The Los Angeles Police Department Chief stood in front of Fifty Thousand people illegally congregating outside of school during school hours, and arrested nobody for truancy. With this kind of enforcement and role-modeling, it's no wonder nobody knows what the issue is anymore.

S.I. Hayakawa had the right idea, "Go to school and get high grades, save one dollar out of every ten you earn to capitalize your business." These kids were protesting a law that will only serve to protect them in the future.

The worst shame is, it is already against the law to be here illegally (hence the term, illegal) and nobody had the idea to call our friends from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Si' se puede, si se sigue las reglas.

-The Chief

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Illegals protest

Today, news reports claim there were half a million Mexicans protesting immigration reform proposed by Congress. I'm not going to go over all the details of the proposed legislation, but it is important to understand the idea behind both sides of the argument so we can decide the correct course of action.

The protesters throw about terms like 'racist' to describe those of us who focus more on the 'illegal' than the 'immigrant'. It's really a simple argument. If you think laws restricting how to come to America should be enforced, you are a racist. If you believe that there should be no immigration law, you are a visionary.

In order to simplify this so people understand what the issue is, I'm not going to get to the "They do jobs Americans won't", or the "They just come in and won't assimilate" arguments. I'm going to take this very large issue, and make it simple for everyone to understand.

Imagine me breaking in to your house while you are at work. I come in and eat your food, use your electricity, download porn on your computer, and make myself at home. When you get home from work, I take money out of your wallet. I tell you that I'm staying, and that you should treat me like I'm part of your family. I offer to wash your dishes for you, and maybe do some yard work while you are gone the next day, but you will have to pay me. And I'll only do the work after I go to your doctor's office to get checked out (with you footing the bill). I park my car behind yours in the driveway, and politely remind you that you need to hit the ATM before you come home tomorrow, because I'm almost tapped. One other thing, on your way back from the bank, would you mind picking up my wife and her parents, who will also be living in your house (whether you like it or not)? That would be great. Thanks.

What's that? You aren't digging this new arrangement? You're calling the police because I broke in and stole things from you? How dare you? What are you, some kind of racist? You have this huge house that you aren't using all the rooms to, all I need is this small place for me to sleep in. What do you mean you want to change the locks. This is my home too! I'm doing housework that you aren't willing to do for yourself.

When you put it that way, it doesn't sound that strange.

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